Have We Lost Sight of What Real Work Is?

So I was watching my favorite show, "Make Me a Supermodel," when one was sent home because "he didn't photograph well." Now, I'm no expert, but I think for a model that's not good.

The fellow left, but said there was no way he would return to his previous life as a mechanic. Yep, God forbid he would return to a craft where you actually did something that helped people.

So when a young man sees modeling as a more valuable job than that of a mechanic, do you think we've lost sight of what real work is?

As a 43-year-old man who still cannot change a tire, I know that if my Suzuki Samurai broke down I'd rather have someone nearby who is handy with a wrench, not a trench. See, it chaps my chaps that this dope spits out "mechanic" like it was a dead-end job. In reality, it is the vacant folk who strut their bony carcasses on runways who are irrelevant.

Seriously, is the ability to walk a straight line down a runway after a long night spent fighting off Jann Wenner really such a talent? And just because David Geffen once told you you were "scrumptious" doesn't make you a valuable human being.

Scrumptious doesn't pay bills or come with a pension. Scrumptious doesn't come with a dental plan. Scrumptious becomes the four Bs: broke, bald, bitter and bloated.

Of course, scrumptious sometimes ends up as a houseboy and then vanishes without a trace. But I wouldn't know anything about that!

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