Harming America the Pop Culture Way...

Some Americans believe that pop culture has no impact on the state of the nation. They think that reporting on the media is frivolous —a complete waste of time. They are dead wrong. Just look at how the hip-hop industry has damaged so many young Americans, giving them insidious role models to glorify crime and self- destructive behavior.

Some very large American corporations are responsible for that corrosive entertainment, which impacts unattended children more than anyone else.

And then there is the film industry, which is now actually putting American service people at risk. A vile movie called "Redacted" shows U.S. soldiers committing murder and rape in Iraq. Directed by Brian de Palma, the film is being distributed by billionaire Mark Cuban, the Dallas Internet guy.

It is Cuban who is the primary villain here. Most American movie theaters won't show the film, knowing it will inflame passions against our military in a time of war. But Cuban doesn't care. He financed the movie and will show it in theaters he owns. If even one American is killed because of this film, that is on Mark Cuban.

And then there's Robert Redford and Tom Cruise. Their film "Lions for Lambs" opens on Friday. Some of the reviews are calling it "preachy and boring.'" We'll have a report coming up.

The consensus is that "Lions for Lambs "simply raises questions. What Redford's long history of far left activism is troubling. His Sundance cable channel routinely props up radical left stuff.

Now, on a recent junket, Redford told the foreign press that we Americans have lost sacred freedoms. Redford is entitled to his opinion, however, foolish it may be.

But he might think about what movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn wrote in 1961 during the cold war. "We should never lose sight of the fact that, no matter how entertaining a picture may be or how much money it may make, it can do our country a great deal of harm if it plays into the hands of our enemies.we have a great responsibility in this regard." Indeed.

Finally, I went to see a movie called "American Gangster" over the weekend because of charges it glorified a drug dealer, played by Denzel Washington. — Selling narcotics is the worst crime after murder, child abuse, and rape. It destroys people, it leads to millions of other crimes. Drug dealers are the lowest.

But "American Gangster" did not glorify the dealer, although now for children, it is an excellent film, one that targets corruption, and demonstrates the evil of Mr. Washington's character.

Those kinds of movies, tough as they are, actually, help the United States, unlike films that actively spur anti-American hatred. All of us have a responsibility to speak out against that.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Seven weeks from right this minute, it will be Christmas Eve. Seven weeks! Can you believe it? So we have opened the BillOReilly.com Christmas/holiday store, which features an incredible array of great gifts. And with every order, we'll send you a "Don't Taze Me, Bro" bumper-sticker free! And we'll gift wrap for you for over $40.

And most, importantly, your purchases at the Christmas store will mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity, including helping our military people and children. So, everybody who buys stuff on BillOReilly.com is a patriot! — And you can see some of the charities we support on the Web site, as well.

Now, on the pinhead front, according to the BBC, supermodel Giselle Bundchen, who earns about $30 million a year, prefers to be paid in euros, not dollars. Because Bundchen, who also prefers quarterback Tom Brady, an American, apparently is concerned about the falling dollar.

Now, here's a tip, madam: Without America, you'd be back in Brazil, singing, "The Girl from Ipanema". Don't be a pinhead.

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