Hamas to Head West?

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Hamas to Head West?

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (search) has moved outside the Middle East and planned attacks in North America for the first time ever, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail. Palestinian Jamal Akkal -- of Canadian citizenship -- says he was trained by Hamas and sent to North America with orders to attack what he called Jewish --  "target[s] of opportunity" in Canada and the United States.

Akkal, now in Israeli custody, says he was ready to booby-trap Israeli diplomats' cars and assassinate high-ranking Israeli officials visiting from overseas. The executive director of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, however, calls Akkal's story -- "suspect," insisting Hamas does not operate outside the Middle East.

Poll-itical Issues

A new FOX News opinion dynamics poll shows that 78 percent of Americans approve of President Bush's surprise trip to Baghdad last week, and even more say it was the right thing to do to demonstrate support for U.S. troops. What's more, 87 percent of Americans say it was appropriate for the White House to ask reporters to stay quiet until Bush had left Baghdad, with 78 percent saying that if more reporters had known the information would have leaked.

But even some of those who thought the trip was a good idea ... do not approve of the war itself. Only 55 percent say the war was the right thing to do, down from 58 percent just two months ago. That new FOX News poll also sheds light on an issue some Democrats hope to run against, letting you take ownership of some of your social security taxes and hold them in a private account.

The poll shows 67 percent of Americans want the right to invest a small amount of their social security taxes in the financial markets. Younger people support it the most-- with 76 percent of Americans under 30 favoring it ... while only 49 percent of those over 65 think it's a good idea.

Noise News

And from the wonderful world of law enforcement, a Queens, New York, man -- whose 9-year-old son was carrying a balloon home from a birthday party -- has been ticketed for making too much noise when the balloon reportedly got away and popped on the sidewalk. Three police officers were nearby. Police officials have declined to comment, but the man says he will fight the ticket in court.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report