Halle Berry, Moulin Rouge and Bob Costas

Halle Berry, Moulin Rouge and Bob Costas on the Today Show in the early morning glare of The Foxlight.

Berry thinks Billy Bob Thornton is sexy in real life and proves it in Monster's Ball. But the lovemaking in the movie isn't nearly as noisy as Halle Berry was Wednesday after learning she was named best actress of the year by the National Board of Review.

The Foxlight was there just after she found out and we heard her screaming from her hotel suite all the way down the hall.

McCuddy: "Congratulations."

Berry: "Yeah, I was pretty excited."

Oh and about all the nudity here and in Swordfish? There is a difference.

Berry: "In Swordfish it was gratuitous. I knew it."

Other National Board of Review winners include best picture Moulin Rouge. So you can tell they don't exactly predict the Oscars. A good choice? Sure, but Best Picture Oscar? No chance.

Finally, 'where in the world is Matt Lauer' took on new meaning this week when Bob Costas sat in for the vacationing Today Show host. Costas is a great sports commentator but clearly off his game early in the morning. His banter is now in the dictionary under "inane." And Katie looks like she can't wait for Matt to come back either.