Hail to the Chief

There is a scene in Michael Moore's (search) new film that shows President Bush at the moment he was told the U.S. was under attack. As the camera focuses in on an obviously anguished president, Mr. Moore provides his own commentary of what he thinks President Bush was thinking at the time.

But Mr. Moore’s musings must now be juxtaposed with the account of retired Lt. General Thomas Keck, who spent two hours with President Bush on that fateful day. Gen. Keck wrote to The New York Times, whose columnist Paul Krugman had praised Moore for his make-believe account.

Says Gen. Keck: “As commander of the 8th Air Force, I was present when President Bush stopped to deliver a message to the American people at Barksdale Air Force Base. Throughout my career, I have seen the best and the worst of people under extreme pressure. President Bush arrived at Barksdale deeply saddened and obviously concerned, but he was a man on a mission, courageous and decisive. He was totally in command. I have kept relatively quiet about my experiences with the president on 9/11, but I cannot sit back and allow Hollywood and the media to rewrite history. I was there, and I consider myself a good judge of leadership. We were fortunate that President Bush was our commander in chief on 9/11.”

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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