Hackers Stealing Personal Information

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ALEXIS GLICK, GUEST HOST: Well, there`s a major security gap, and it was just discovered on the Internet. Right now, hackers are stealing personal information from people who are doing their online banking.

High-tech campaigns are scrambling to fix the problem, planning an emergency meeting next week.

With me now Robert Siciliano, who is the CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com.

All right, Robert, what exactly is going wrong? Explain this to us.

ROBERT SICILIANO, CEO, IDTHEFTSECURITY.COM: Well, what has been discovered is a flaw in that domain name system that allows a hacker to basically redirect what you type into your Web browser.

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So, for example, if you type in "your bank name".com, it may well redirect you to a spoofed bank`s Web site or a fraudulent Web site...


SICILIANO: ... designed to extract your username and password.

GLICK: Pretty scary thing. What can I at home do if in fact this is something that I might face or a risk that I face every day?

SICILIANO: Well, this really is out of the control of the consumer.

But what you should be doing in making sure that your own operating system on your own computer is updated. Make sure that your own virus protection is updated, paying close attention to your credit card statements, to all of the different online accounts that you have, and make sure that, if there is anything going on in any of those accounts, that you call up that bank or credit card company to refute any unauthorized charges.

GLICK: Right away.

All right, Robert Siciliano, great advice. My husband just said to me the other day, he said, honey, have you ever reconciled a bank statement? And, frankly, I need to start doing that.


GLICK: Because you have given me some great advice.

All right, Robert, thanks so much.

SICILIANO: Thank you.

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