Guns, Ammo Found at Blake's Home

A man removing gym equipment found two guns in a barn behind the home of actor Robert Blake, who is charged in his wife's killing, according to a police search warrant affidavit.

One of the guns was inside a wooden box behind a stereo cabinet suspended about seven feet above the floor.

The man, who was removing gym equipment Friday, "looked into the box and saw a blue steel gun in a holster," according to the search warrant. "He also saw a knit hat and a garment that he thought might be a pair of gloves. [The man] immediately became nervous and called LAPD."

Blake, 69, is accused of killing his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, on May 4, 2001, after dining at an Italian restaurant. Bakley was sitting inside the actor's car when she was killed.

The former Baretta star remains jailed on charges of murder, conspiracy, solicitation to murder and the special circumstance of lying in wait.

Blake attorney Harland Braun said Wednesday that the defense team has known about the guns.

"The two guns involved here are registered to Robert Blake and we offered to give those to the police over a year ago," Braun said.

Among the items found were two .38-caliber revolvers, bullets, a videotape, an oil can, a 22-inch metal bar with a black handle and the will of Blake's daughter, Delinah, according to a police report.

Investigators said Blake allegedly showed a weapon in a zippered holster to two stuntmen he is accused of soliciting to murder his wife. The affidavit said that "the gun in the barn may be that gun."

Also in the affidavit, Detective Ronald Ito wrote that he believed "it is likely that the clothing in the box contains gunshot residue or other trace evidence relating to the murder."

Bakley, 44, was killed with a World War II-vintage German pistol that was found in a trash bin about 10 feet from where Blake's car was parked the night of the shooting. The weapon had no fingerprints and was covered in fresh motor oil, according to earlier affidavits.

The state Supreme Court has yet to rule on a petition filed Monday by Blake's lawyers to grant him bail without further hearing.

During a bail hearing earlier this month, Superior Court Judge Lloyd Nash said he would take up the issue after witnesses could be called and cross-examined. The preliminary hearing in the lower court has been scheduled for Dec. 11.

Blake's bodyguard and co-defendant, Earle Caldwell, is free on $1 million bail posted by Blake. Caldwell is charged with conspiracy to murder.