Guests and Topics: September 9

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Should things that happened 35 years ago play a determining factor in your choice for president in 2004? Kerry's and Bush's war records still under heavy fire, but is it time to light a new torch? Ron Rosenbaum, author of, "Those Who Forget the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism," sounds off.

What did Vice President Cheney (search) say that has some media organizations in a frenzy? And, did the veep back away from his comments? Should he have?  Ellis Henican, columnist for New York Newsday, joins the debate.

And Bill tackles all the latest presidential poll numbers with independent pollster, Scott Rasmussen.

Plus, what did Scott Peterson's (search) father say when he took the stand? We’ll get the trial latest from FOX News legal analyst and crime reporter Aphrodite Jones.

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