Guests and Topics: Sept. 5

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Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

The Bush administration has decided to ask the United Nations to play a greater role in Iraq. But will the United States wind up embarrassed by the international organization?

We'll ask two foreign policy experts: Dr. Chris Preble (search), the Director of Foreign Policy Studies at the CATO Institute and former Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Ambassador Richard Burt (search).

Then, Alabama’s governor says it’s his Christian duty to hike taxes! But even in the Bible Belt (search), will his plan have a prayer with voters? We’ll investigate.

Plus, why does Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (search) dislike The O'Reilly Factor? Wait till you hear what he said about us last night! We'll show you the tape.

And later, can comedian Tom Green’s (search) outrageous sense of humor survive in the No Spin Zone? He'll join us tonight.

Also, we've seen some pretty shocking video from MTV (search) lately... Is footage of the Britney/Madonna lip lock and some of those nasty rap videos acceptable entertainment for children? We'll debate it!

Finally, don't miss our famous Talking Points Memo and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!"

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