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Friday, October 7:

Here's just some of what we've got planned for you tonight:

New Yorkers are on high alert tonight and coping with a major security scare as the New York City Police Department (search) and FBI (search) investigate a “credible” tip that operatives are planning to bomb city subways. Should Mayor Michael Bloomberg (search) have gone public with the threat or is he just feeding into terrorist scare-tactics? Former FBI assistant director Bill Gavin and FOX News Military analyst Bill Cowan debate it.

And, as controversy mounts over her nomination, could Republican criticism be what keeps Harriet Miers (search) off the bench? Senator George Allen (R-VA) weighs in.

Then, former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro addresses claims that criticism of Harriet Miers is rooted in sexism and elitism.

Also, we’ve heard ex-FBI director Louis J. Freeh (search) denounce former President Clinton over the scandals that marred his presidency. Tonight, Bill Clinton (search) responds!

Plus, did PETA's (search) new exhibit cross the line by comparing the suffering of animals to the suffering of African-Americans? PETA’s Dawn Carr defends the shocking display.

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