Guests and Topics: Nov. 16

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November 16:

Why are conservatives pointing to Bill Clinton to defend the Bush administration on the investigation into pre-Iraq war intelligence? Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House and FOX News contributor, weighs in.

Then, did Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia forewarn Middle Eastern countries about a possible U.S. invasion of Iraq? We’ll talk with Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York for his take on the possible tip off.

And was Maryland’s lieutenant governor and senate candidate the victim of racially based attacks because he is an African-American Republican? We’ll have an exclusive interview with Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele.

Plus, the search continues for two escaped convicts in Iowa. Are police any closer to finding them? We’ll get an update on the search from Jerry Baksys, a staff reporter for Fort Madison Iowa’s Daily Democrat newspaper.

Plus, San Francisco voters pass a resolution that will make it tougher for the military to recruit soldiers from public high schools. Meet the one of the people who pushed for it to happen! Todd Chretien, an author of the 'College Not Combat' initiative joins us live.

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