Guests and Topics: May 8

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He's frank, he's fresh and he can be very outspoken. So why did comedian Dennis Miller (search) choose to support President Bush on Iraq? He'll be here to speak his mind.

Also, the American military officer in charge of postwar Iraq said today that he's satisfied with the progress that's been made so far in securing Baghdad (search). But Lt. Gen. David McKiernan (search), commander of U.S. ground forces in the newly liberated nation, is warning the world against expecting quick solutions which "will not come overnight."

Will Americans grow impatient if the rebuilding takes too long? What should the country focus on as the rebuilding phase continues in Iraq? Former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese (search) joins the debate this evening!

Plus, can the candid remarks of a future first lady possibly harm her husband's chances in the presidential race? Maybe... We'll talk with writer Lisa DePaulo (search) who will be here to share some of the surprising revelations from her recent interview for Elle magazine with Teresa Heinz, who is now known as Teresa Heinz Kerry (search). Ms. Heinz just happens to be married to Democratic Presidential Candidate and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (search). We can almost guarantee you'll be surprised by some of the things she had to say.

Also, get ready... The war in Washington over tax cuts is coming to your house. We'll preview a new TV commercial that takes aim at President Bush's tax cut plan and its alleged effect on average American families.

We'll also talk with two of its sponsors, Zack Exley (search), National Organizing Director for (search) and Robert Borosage (search), who is the president of The Institute for America's Future (search).

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