Guests and Topics: May 13

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How much responsibility does the United States have for the thousands of U.S. civilian contractors working in Iraq? In the wake of Nick Berg's gruesome beheading by Al Qaeda (search) members in Iraq and the kidnapping of Thomas Hamill (search), new questions are being raised about the safety of Americans. We'll hear from both sides!

Plus, what is permitted when interrogating prisoners during a time of war? We'll talk to an expert about how it's done and which techniques bring results.

Then, her smiling face in the Abu Ghraid (search) prison abuse photos has made Pfc. Lynndie England (search) one of the most recognizable soldiers at the heart of the scandal. England says she was simply following orders when she appeared in the notorious photos. We'll talk with former U.S. Army JAG Jeffrey Addicott  who is currently an Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law (search), about England's recent statements and the military's allegations about her behavior in Iraq.

And later, why dogs and children can sometimes be a deadly mix... We'll talk to Dr. Richard Polsky, a nationally recognized animal behavior expert about how to prevent attacks.

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