Guests and Topics: March 27

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Good weather and the opening of the northern front allowed coalition troops to bulk up their forces on three sides Thursday, and reports emerged that enemy troops are pulling Iraqi children out of their homes as a way of getting their fathers to fight -- and threatening men with execution if they don't.

About 1,000 U.S. Army Ranger paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade dropped into Kurdish-held territory in northern Iraq overnight, opening a northern front. They secured a snow-dusted airfield, which will be used to bring in supplies and support personnel. Weighing in tonight on the war... JC Watts, former Oklahoma congressman and Pat Buchanan, author of Death of the West.

Congressman Charlie Rangel D-N.Y., on why he's criticizing the president for his use of force in Iraq…

Many Americans have been pouring their French wine down the drain, boycotting French goods in an all out protest against the country. But are some Europeans turning their nose at American products as well? Do these boycotts have any affect? We’ll ask Arnaud Thieffrey from the Union Day Francais de L'etranger…

And Geraldo Rivera will bring you the latest on the war in a live report from Kuwait.

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