Guests and Topics: January 2

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Another flight from London bound for the United States has been cancelled. What kind of intelligence information is leading officials to cancel flights while the U.S. terror alert status remains at high? We'll have the latest.

Plus, Centcom (search) officials announced the capture yesterday of a "high value target" and key facilitator operating in Iraq. How significant is the capture of Abu Mohammed? We'll ask FOX News Military Analyst and former U.S. Army Col. David Hunt to share his expertise.

And finally, on a much lighter note... Author and dating expert E. Jean Carroll (search) joins us  to tell us why her new book Mr. Right, Right Now! How a Smart Woman Can Land Her Dream Man in 6 Weeks could get your new year off to a very happy start! Could she be for real? We'll find out when she enters the No Spin Zone.

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