News doesn't stop on the weekends and neither does FOX & Friends.

So start your weekend off on the right foot with hosts Juliet Huddy, Bob Sellers and Bill McCuddy.


OK Computer — We demo hi-tech gadgets aimed at the hippest back-to-schoolers.

Nations in the Balance — Reagan's National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane comments on the question of the hour: Do we invade Iraq?

National Review columnist Victor Hanson discusses his new book, An Autumn of War: What America Learned from Sept. 11.

Should Sept. 11 be commemorated as a national holiday? We'll ask Alan Dowd, assistant vice president of the Hudson Institute.

It seems like this summer America's children are at risk. But are there really more kidnappings going on this year? Donna Leinwand, national crime reporter for USA Today, reviews the stats.

Will the ImClone scandal put Martha Stewart behind bars? Bernard Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former public defender, and Mark Biros, former federal prosecutor, face off.


Did the FBI ruin his life? The best friend of anthrax suspect Steve Hatfill has something to say about how law enforcement has handled the case.

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