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Monday, December 20:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) has been under fire from all kinds of critics recently. Should he stay or should he go? President Bush gave Rumsfeld a big vote of confidence at his news conference today... Will that be enough to silence his critics? We'll debate it when FOX News contributor and radio talk show host Michael Reagan and former Assistant Secretary of Defense and author of "Nuclear Terrorism" Graham Allison join us.

Plus, speaking of the president... Mr. Bush is "Time" magazine's Man of the Year... We'll talk with FOX News contributor and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris about the editors' pick.

Also, an update on the grisly murder of a pregnant woman and the kidnapping of her 8 month old baby...

And later, are Christians and conservatives being persecuted in Hollywood? We'll talk with Randall Wallace, he co-wrote "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson and who considers himself a Hollywood conservative...

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