Guest Star: Geraldo Rivera

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What a thrill it was having Geraldo fill in for Doocy today! He was wide-awake at 4 a.m. because he was still on Iraqi time. He mentioned that he used to fill in on "Good Morning America" in the '70s, so he understood the drill of getting up early. Of course, I am a lot cooler than Charlie Gibson and Joan Lunden can't hold a candle to Gretchen!

If you missed "FOX & Friends" this morning, you missed Geraldo going at a college Republican who sponsored a game called "Find the Illegal Immigrant." He and Geraldo clashed and it was some great entertainment! In terms of the show itself, we discussed the heavyweight brawls between the staffs of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the rising tension between Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney. Judging by the e-mails, you all seemed very intrigued.

I know it's sad to admit, but I do like watching this Anna Nicole Smith hearing and it looks like we could be seeing a few trials before her legacy can be filed away and her child awarded to the right party. Too bad we couldn't just get a cotton swab out in court and take the DNA from Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead. Now this circus will head to L.A. and that's when we should find out about the child.

On Friday, Kelly Wright steps in for Steve and then on Monday we are back to full strength. Thanks so much for your patience through all the changes!

Before I leave you, I do have one request: Can you help me acquire videos for a youth sports special we are doing on the sideline behavior of today's sports parents? Write us at I will give you on air credit and you will help us address an important problem plaguing our kids of today.


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