Guess Who's Blaming FOX for Imus Controversy?

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Last night on MSNBC the general manager of that operation, Dan Abrams, was guest hosting one of their shows and was dealing with the Imus dustup. Amazingly, Abrams blamed FOX for his Imus problem.

This is truly amazing, considering that the problem named I-Man occurred on a network that Abrams himself supposedly controls or supervises. Among the handful of individuals who can be assigned responsibility for the controversy NBC has on its hands are Imus himself, the producer of his radio broadcast, Bernard McGuirk, and the head of the television operation which carries Imus' radio show, and that person would be Dan Abrams.

Abrams has been the general manager for six months. During that time he has heard his morning host and the host's producer racially mock the black Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin and black Nobel Laureate Maya Angelou, among others. Abrams didn't hear that? It was on the very airwaves he is paid to supervise.

Rosie defended the morning host on "The View" this morning. She says judge him by four words or 40 years, and she's against corporations telling people they can't speak.

Excuse me, I think even the morning host's friends, like Newsweek columnist Howard Fineman, have been on the air with him today and yesterday telling him he can no longer racially mock people, admitting they have been painfully aware he's made a three-decade career doing this stuff.

And by the way, it is not the corporation telling Imus what to say and what not to say. These are rules imposed on all broadcasters by the federal government. Take it up with the feds, Rosie. And Dan Abrams is supposed to know all that.

A FOX radio program — mine — pointed out what the morning host said last Wednesday. Why did it take me to notice? Why didn't the person who is supposed to supervise that network notice what Imus has been saying and counsel him that these things are probably best left unsaid for somebody who is trying to raise himself from shock jock to powerful political commentator?

Not that I want Abrams punished for his lack of foresight in this area. In fact, here at FOX we like him running things. It helps us, and we don't want anything to change.

That's My Word.

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