Group Plans to Sell Tiny Pieces of Farm Owned by Abraham Lincoln

The owners of farmland once owned by Abraham Lincoln want to give people a chance to own about a square inch of history.

The Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm plans to sell tiny parcels of the land, said Dale Parsons, manager of the Rockford-based group.

Some of the money would go to charity, Parsons said Thursday. Some of the land may be reserved for charities to buy and resell during fundraisers, he said.

He was not sure how many parcels would be sold, but noted there are more than 6 million square inches in an acre.

The land is near Lerna, not far from the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site.

Lincoln bought the land from his father, Thomas Lincoln, who needed the money. Thomas Lincoln continued farming the land.

The group bought the land last fall for $1.25 million from Raymond Phipps, a Springfield man whose family owned the property for more than a century.

A similar plan to sell square-inch parcels of the land several years ago by Phipps led to a legal squabble over unpaid taxes. Parsons said his group has hired real estate experts to avoid similar problems.

The group has hired a history professor to write a book about the location, and hopes to restore a cabin on the site and turn it into a visitors center, Parsons said.