Group Asks Congress to Adopt Five-Day Weekend

It may be only Wednesday, but as far as one group is concerned, it's already Saturday.

Friends of the Five Day Weekend is trying to convince Congress to change the way Americans work and relax by suggesting an end to the five-day workweek.

Campaign director and Atlanta-based actor Roy McCrerey said that the current situation is "crazy," and he points out that Congress was in session 104 days last year, which averages out to two days a week.

The idea actually first started as a promotional gimmick by the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is spending more than $500,000 on the campaign.

The group, from of Asheville, N.C., then used its "Work Less Express" bus, live music and giveaways today to raise awareness of unused vacation days and pressure Congress for a two-day workweek.