Grinch Robs Convenience Store Six Times and Steals Money for Needy Kids

There's no shortage of good will — but it comes with an abundance of bad luck at a convenience store in Oxford, Maine—where the store has fallen victim to robbery six times in four years. During this latest robbery Christmas donations for local children were stolen. The owner of Dino's Variety store, Gary Paladino, says the money he raises is used to buy gifts for kids, many who would otherwise not have gifts for Christmas. He also buys them clothes (hats, mittens, scarfs, coats, etc.) which many of them really need.

Police are still investigating and have not arrested anyone. Mr. Paladino has since bought an alarm system. Now we're not recommending you take any course of action — but if you want to help Mr. Paladino and the needy kids he was collecting money for you can contact Mr. Paladino at:

Dino's Variety Store

P.O. Box 252

Mechanic Falls, ME


Phone: (207) 539-4363