GretaWire Guest Writer: Catherine Herridge Reflects on What She's Thankful For

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Today I turn over the GretaWire real estate to my colleague Catherine. And yes, Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanted to share some thoughts with you and the blog this Thanksgiving.

Little Peter is now a chunky 17.5 pounds. He has six teeth. He is standing up and jamming on a kiddie music table. Though he is only 10 months old, he is full of mischief. He delights in grabbing his big brother Jamie's shirt and hair. Jamie is generally patient and then finally pushes him back screaming, "Hey baby!"

I wanted to share this with everyone who has been cheering us on and praying for Peter. It really is a miracle the doctors in Pittsburgh were able to help him. I know that without the transplant we would have buried him by now. I don't dwell on that. I dwell on how full of life Peter is. I know he is just a baby, but I sometimes think he knows how lucky he is to be alive. He wakes up every morning with a huge smile — like he'd won the lottery.

I had a lovely letter the other day from one of your viewers. Edith said she and her family were reflecting upon the blessings of this year and they included our family and also our officemate Steve Centanni. Thank you Edith and all the "On the Record" fans who were pulling for us.

Our family is truly thankful for friends like you, Greta, and everyone else who supported us, especially our families. It would have been impossible without them.



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