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On Thursday night's show we had, among others, Linda Deutsch of the Associated Press (search). I have known Linda for years having covered trials. When you have covered enough trials, in enough different places, with the same people, you can't help but feel like you are friends or in a club even though you are technically competitors.

I have always been pretty good at getting the story and getting sources in legal matters. But there have been so many incidents where I think I have some huge scoop only to find out that Linda beat me by five minutes. It has become a joke between us. I admire immensely the competition that does that! Fortunately for me Linda is in print media and I am in electronic media so that her stronger talents don't give me too much heartache!

By the way, there is something else unique about Linda's work. She gives you the facts, no spin... and no opinion. If you just want to know what happened and you want the truth and you want all the pertinent facts, read her AP stories. Not only have I admired her ability to beat me out by five minutes, but I rely on her articles and I know I can trust them. She is the gold standard.

We have a great show for you Friday night. This time Linda Deutsch did NOT beat me! Of course, it helps that she is not covering this story. Do you remember that the Peterson judge sealed the reasons (alleged judicial errors) Scott Peterson (search) claims he should have a new trial? Not only do we know the reasons — and will tell you this evening — but we know what the D.A. says about each one! We have this ahead of everyone else....

We also have learned that Peterson is using one of our shows to bolster his motion for a new trial (we will replay that part for you tonight.) You won't see this video anyplace else. If Peterson's lawyer does win a motion for a new trial (next week), or does win the appeal (years from now), Peterson will not be released. He will remain on bond and will simply get a new trial.

Here is a sneak peak: Peterson claims 13 judicial mistakes.

Last night I was very excited to report to you during the show that the DNA results had just come back linking that cigarette butt in Judge Lefkow's sink to Bart Ross (search). This double murder is a terrible crime (any murder is) but suppose he had never been stopped in that traffic stop... more would likely have been killed (he had a hit list in his car.) And, if he had committed suicide, without that note in his van about the Lefkow murder, it is likely he never would have been tied to this double murder. Judge Lefkow and her children would have always lived in fear and mystery. While their lives are ruined by this heartache, at least they know what happened. Many families of murder victims don't know.

Finally, we read the results of a gretapoll to you last night on the air. Sixty-one percent said they could NOT have presumed Michael Jackson (search) innocent before the trial started. The Constitution requires that the jurors selected be able to do so — of course, if you can't you can't. That does happen to each of us in some cases. But, we should all hope, no matter how strange Jackson is, that the ones selected for the jury could presume him innocent at the start. If he is guilty, I welcome the conviction. If he is not, I welcome the not guilty verdict. In the end, we should just want to make sure the right — and fair — verdict is returned.

Now for some e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1

Michael Jackson should be in jail tonight. Any other person that had done the same as he did would now be locked up. The judge is showing favoritism.
Don Gentry

E-mail No. 2

I don't have a clue why Jackson hasn't fled the country, yet. His world is not the same world that the rest of us live in — to find a jury of his peers would mean finding 12 other people who live in Never-Never-Land. I almost feel sorry for the, um, guy.
Sam D. Blanton
Norris, TN

E-mail No. 3

Ms. Bain stated Mr. Jackson couldn't move and was in excruciating pain this morning. Why didn’t you ask her how if he was in such pain he turned left and then right, to wave to fans, on his way into the courthouse? Or get a Doctor's explanation?
Lincoln, NE

E-mail No. 4

A couple of the attorney's on your program tonight made mention of the accusers Jekyll and Hyde attitude. (Harvey and Ted). This young man has every right to be angry. First in his mind Jackson has molested him. Michael's attorneys have molested him and his family in the media over and over again. Finally, most children that have been molested are angry and they lose their innocents. Pedophiles steal a child's innocence and sense of security. I speak from experience. Ted needs to study what types of children pedophile's target.
Joyce Wetterhahn
Minneapolis, MN

E-mail No. 5

I feel sorry Michael Jackson... That so called mother is having her children lie so she can receive more money... Remember, that so called mother had her kids lie about their own father... Those kids have been taught well and I can't believe that people don't see this... There is no doubt that Michael is different but; not a molester. I hope and pray that people see this too.
Doris Brey
Kingsford, MI

E-mail No. 6

I am not a doctor. I am an observer of the news.
As I watch Michael Jackson "ease" out of his SUV and walk toward the courthouse with his "back problem", I begin to wonder if this is a show or not. Is he asking for sympathy over his accuser? As I watch the video clip which displays his "ginger walk", I notice something that NONE OF YOU HAVE MENTIONED. He quickly turns to his left then to his right. NOT ONCE DOES HE WINCE IN PAIN OR EVEN DISCOMFORT. Then he puts his arm out to have his security guard help him.
I can't believe this to be true.

E-mail No. 7 — this relates to the blog on Thursday, March 10... I placed a Web site on the blog and this e-mail relates to an amazing young soldier... if you have not read this, or gone to his Web site, do so now.

Hi Greta,
Thank you for putting out the story concerning that terribly injured soldier Brian Kolfage. Never again will I feel sorry for myself when things don't go quite as planned! I look forward to seeing your interview with him.
Martin Dewhurst
Crawley, United Kingdom

E-mail No. 8

Hi Greta,
I think this suicide is too well organized! I think Mr. Ross was a martyr for "THE CAUSE"! He may have had a case before this judge, but I do think he is covering, or at best, taking the police off their original investigation. This Matt person is an intelligent person (someone has said), and therefore I believe he could find a way to get his agenda done by one of his followers. Where there is a will, there is a way.
I enjoy your show and watch it every night. Your opinions and suggestions are refreshing.

E-mail No. 9

Greta, Imagine the irony: The perpetrator of the Judge Lefkow case left a cigarette in the kitchen sink. He sued for 12 1/2 years for problems related to mouth cancer surgery. What is Bart Ross doing smoking cigarettes when he's had mouth cancer? He has only himself to blame for his condition, not Judge Lefkow.
Steve Choti
Anaheim, CA

Here is an e-mail I received from KFI radio's Laura Ingle who was at the Michael Jackson trial yesterday:

Notes from Laura:

Public lottery is packed today: 77 people showed up outside the courthouse to get a carnival ticket before the sun even came up. Deputies are calling out numbers now. I hope I get in!

The one fan I saw yesterday dressed up as Michael is back. Today she is wearing glittery jeans and "rock star glasses." She's got her notepad all ready to go, clutching her ticket, with a look of hope on her face. Her friend just got in. Once you "win" you are placed in a holding pen. The girls are looking at each other through the chain-link fence.

Lottery is over. Glitter jeans didn't get in. Neither did I... Trying another route now.

Yesterday was SO huge! When we all heard the accuser was about to be called, reporters went into full on "smackdown" mode. There was pushing, shoving.... Too many reporters with passes, not enough seats. High stakes musical chairs. Everyone wanted to see “the moment” of when the accuser walked out and faced Jackson for the first time.

Inside the courtroom yesterday it really was as dramatic as the buildup. The accuser looked sharp in his long sleeved blue dress shirt. Composed and together... looked over at Michael. Michael rocked a bit in his chair while watching the boy...

Note Two from Laura:

The above note was from earlier today. All hell broke out shortly after I wrote this. When news broke that Jackson was "MIA" it sent the court system into a frenzy.... reporters ran to their positions, the group of fans swelled to be in front of the courthouse. Many thought he was making a run for the border. I was standing in the front of the courthouse when the black SUVs rolled up. I could see Jackson through the windshield gently pull himself out of the car. Surprised to see his hair so matted. Looked like he really had been laying down. Thought it was weird he was wearing the blazer over the PJs. But he smelled good. When I was standing in my aisle seat and he walked by it seemed as though he was wearing nice cologne.

Accuser looked over at Jackson a few times... but only briefly. At the break Jackson was whispering intently to Mesereau, and Mesereau pulled him aside so that no one could listen in. Joe Jackson was wearing a pinstripe suit with alligator shoes. His mom looked nice today too as they look on from the courtroom.

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