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We taped our audience show Tuesday night before our live 10 p.m. show. It is a special show for us in that we never do audience shows. I was asked by a viewer in an e-mail why we did not do the audience show in D.C. and the answer is simple — we don't have an audience studio in D.C. We used the studio at FOX in New York City that is used for FOX's daytime show, "DaySide." The studio seats about 75 people and it was actually a fun switch for me to do an audience show. The current plan is to air this show one week from Friday and I am curious what you think of it. And yes, I realize it is a bit of a tease that I am not providing more information about the show now, but I want you to see it (plus I am in a hurry to get to the airport to fly back to D.C.)

When I go to New York, I always run into lots of people who I have not seen in a while. While in the green room in our New York headquarters, I ran into Diane Dimond who has worked at FOX News Channel, CourtTV, etc. During the Michael Jackson trial, she worked for Court TV. Every time I was at the trial in Santa Maria, I saw Diane so I assume she covered full time. She was in our New York bureau because she has a new book out on the Jackson trial. The book's title is "Be Careful Who You Love" and she was at FOX to appear on Bill O'Reilly's show to discuss it. Because the book just came out yesterday, I have not yet had a chance to read it but hope to do so. Incidentally, if you want to read it, and your bookstore does not yet have it, try

While I am on the topic of books, I also ran into another author yesterday, Tim Russert of NBC. Tim was in the seat behind me on the shuttle to New York from D.C. A few years back he wrote a best seller, "Big Russ and Me: Father and Son — Lessons of Life." If you have not read this book, you have missed a good read and should think about reading it. It is delightful book about his Father.

I must have been on a roll in terms of running into people yesterday. When I got back to the hotel after 11 p.m., I ran into former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., and his wife. In a switch, we did not talk politics or his career in television and movies. We talked real estate... New York real estate.

As always, a trip to New York is action packed. In addition to the taped show, and then our live show at 10 p.m. eastern, I also did an interview for a local Alabama news station. I felt like I was running the entire day. I did find time to pitch in $2 with our staff for the big lottery drawing. I was hoping to break their string of no lottery wins. I was told by the staff that if we won — the drawing was 11 p.m. last night — my share would be more than $20 million. I have not heard from my staff so either I did not win, or they have absconded with my $20 million share!

Some randomly chosen e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Have been gone on a trip for the last 11 days, yet come in tonight, turn TV on, and there you are talking about Steve Avery. Headlines are running across the bottom of the screen about Steve Avery doing this or that but you failed to mention that this is not the Steve Avery that we know. We in the South know Steve from the Atlanta Braves. Since you are always trying to "make a case", you don't care which Steve you're talking about but "we"
do. And he certainly doesn't deserve this.

E-mail No. 2

When I was teaching, I was given a pair of doctor-type plastic gloves and disinfectant to be kept in my desk or filing cabinet. This was for clean-up in the classroom incase of a students illness, etc. and prompted by the HIV crisis.
When I was in a hurry especially on Friday afternoons to get "out of there" I would grab all my papers, grade books, etc., and take the work home to do while sitting on my couch and not in my schoolroom. More than one time, I have accidentally brought my clean-up packet home.
It was packaged only in a plastic bag and could easily have been accidentally torn apart and part of it dropped. I don't know if this is the case here, but it is a possibility.
Vicki Osborn
Marceline, MO

E-mail No. 3

Thanks for the great reporting, Greta. This will be long and I hope your people will pass it on to you.
It is strange that a father would visit a drinking and gambling establishment with his son and tolerate such activities taking place in his presence. This makes me wonder Paul van der Sloot wasn't part the group that sought out females via drugging them, etc.?
Secondly, there was mention of some e-mail messages to validate presences; all one has to do is change the date in their computer back and send the e-mail and then change it back. The message will indicate the earlier time/date.
The disco from the boat: How come he hasn't been called in and interrogated? Did he use his boat to get rid of Natelee Holloway? Aruba's ocean on the opposite side of the island? Why was the boat never sniffed by dogs to determine if her body had ever been on the boat?
Let all of us back up Beth Twitty by boycotting Aruba until such time as they replace the entire elements involved in this botched investigation. From the beginning, it has been a farce. The investigators had the opportunity to check or drugs but never did so with search warrants.
What ever happened to the missing witness (jogger?) Perhaps the FBI needs to conduct an investigation into this individual's disappearance, because it could have been a U.S. citizen.
Our U.S. attorney general should travel to Holland and ask or an explanation of the on goings, and solicit agreement to allow FBI involvement via the leaders in Holland as well as to ask or a new investigating team as well as sharing all available evidence, statements, etc., to the FBI (or copies o such).
Keep up the great work. Too bad you could not get involved officially for you would surely solve this riddle in no time. It appears as though it has been a cover up from day one and the U.S. citizenry should send a strong message that we will not tolerate such nor tolerate our citizens being abused as has Beth.
Jerry King Weston
CMSgt, USAF (Retired)
Antelope CA

E-mail No. 4

Not only fatigue, the bitch mother is extremely annoying. Do no wrong daughter and do no wrong mother, the boycott and taking over the legal jurisdiction of another sovereign country is disgusting. Can't wait for the holidays and hopefully this will just go away! It is also time for conviction by television talking heads to cease.
Richard Takeuchi
Seattle, WA

ANSWER: So Richard, what would you do if your child were missing? Not push for answers? Beth may annoy you, but like most parents, she is not giving up on her child or finding out what happened. I think she is entitled to know the truth. The decent thing to do is to give her the truth.

E-mail No. 5

Back in the summer there was a girl from southeast Missouri that went to see the father of her baby and was never heard from again. She was pregnant and due any day at the time What has happened to that case?

ANSWER: We check daily and there is nothing new. This is a very troubling story.

E-mail No. 6

Gee, Greta I thought you heard that the State Department denounced the boycott. Maybe you better check your news sources a little closer rather than chatting with Beth so much. Your program is absolutely the only one talking about a non-existent boycott. And there Beth is still issuing demands under the threat of her supposed boycott. That is why she doesn't get any cooperation in this case as she just orders people around and issues demands. And just why would you think that anyone from the ALE would want to talk to you after what you did on the island and how you have bashed them. They sure wouldn't want to have you twist their words and actions around like you did to Paulus, and all the manipulating you helped Beth do with the Deepak caper in the Internet cafe. They have your number. I don't have any problem with anyone of them talking to me. And from what I have heard this supposed boycott that you and your program and Beth are floating, would fall under the category of a secondary boycott, meaning it is not authorized by the U.S. State Department, which would make all of you and FOX News financially responsible for any damages Aruba incurs from your secondary boycott. Oh well, just another one of the Twitty twits in this never-ending reality show.
RoseMarie Hughes

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta, I'm slightly encouraged that, there seems to be movement in Aruba — there is kind of a rustling going on. Thanks to Beth Twitty's relentless search for resolution —eventually, something will have to break... I'm very pleased that she wants to kick the prosecutor, Karen Janssen to the curb, I have always wondered "who" she was working for — she's been worthless to the "good guys." Maybe now, there will be good news to come out of Aruba?
Las Vegas, NV

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