Greenkeepers Discover Burning Body on Scottish Golf Course

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Stunned greenkeepers discovered a horrifically burned body on a top Scottish golf course Wednesday.

The corpse — which was still smouldering — was so badly charred workers initially didn’t realize it was a person.

Staff made the gruesome find at the 11th tee at Buddon course in Carnoustie, Angus.

They alerted emergency services who raced to the scene but the man was already dead.

Gavin Lowe, of the seaside town, spotted the burning remains.

“I got a fright. I don’t really want to talk about it. It’s not something you see every day,” he said

Last night police were still trying to identify the mystery man.

One worker at the club said: “The greenkeepers were getting the course ready for the day when they saw smoke near the 11th tee.

“They went over to have a look and saw something on fire.

“They were unsure what it was at first but whatever it was, it was still alight."

It is understood several items — possibly belonging to the dead man — were found close to the scorched corpse.

The course was closed Wednesday and a tent erected over the body.

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