Great Scott's Tuxedo Strawberries

Got something special planned for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day?


Never fear, "FOX & Friends" is here!

Great Scott, head chef and owner of Le Petit Chateau in New Jersey, shows you how to make a romantic treat for your Valentine:

• Tuxedo Strawberries

12 Long stem strawberries
2 cups of 1/4" diced dark chocolate
2 cups of 1/4" diced white chocolate
1 quart of water (for double boiler)

Equipment needs:
2 quart sauce pot
2 each 2 quart bowls
Squeeze bottles

1. Melt the dark chocolate over double boiler, while slowly stirring chocolate. Let cool to room temperature.
* Note: Be careful not to let any water or foreign substances get into the chocolate, otherwise it will seize (chocolate becomes hard).
2. When finished, repeat same procedure for the white chocolate. Let cool to room temperature.
3. On a tray, take a strawberry by the stem, holding the leaves back so that you can dip the strawberry into the white chocolate fully (for the shirt). Let cool.
4. Then take the white chocolate coated strawberry, and on a 45 degree angle, dip one side into the dark chocolate, and then dip the other side (To create the V-shape for the coat). Let cool.
5. Decorate with squeeze bottles filled with dark chocolate to make the buttons and bow tie.

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