Great-Grandfather, 83, Works as Britain's Oldest McDonald's Employee

You can call him the grand-mac daddy. Neville Green is still serving up hamburgers at McDonald's at the age of 83, and he's the oldest man in Great Britain to do so.

Green, a great-grandfather, has worked at the fast food restaurant ever since spotting a recruitment poster ten years ago.

And he still loves to greet diners and clear tables as part of the hospitality team.

Neville – married to wife, Ivy, 80 – worked on the railways for 50 years before retiring. "I wanted something to do during the daytime so I decided to look for a job," Green told The Sun.

"The first one I came to was McDonald's. I like the company from the other staff. I love meeting different people every day and the conversations I have."

"I'm hoping to work for at least another 18 months until my 85th birthday - I think that would be a reasonable innings."

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