It's been a good run for "Will & Grace," (search) just nominated for 15 Emmys after seven years on the air. But star Eric McCormack (search) told FOX News he didn't do it alone.

"The great thing about it has been four equal funny characters for seven years. And we carry it equally," he told "FOX & Friends" Tuesday morning.

So how does it feel to get 15 Emmy nods?

"Going into your eighth year, that doesn't happen a lot. We have tied 'Desperate Housewives,' which is new and fresh and young, but for us to get that that indicates we're still in there," he said.

And it's not all about the gold and silver for McCormack.

"The Emmys are voted on by your peers. I know that sounds like a cliché. But the truth is it's a dog-eat-dog world in television right now, and it's nice to be reminded that the people that you are working with are still going, 'Hey, you're doing a great show.'"

It's been reported that the show won't end with a gay wedding. So will "Will & Grace" wrap up with a big finale this year?

"I shouldn't give it away, but I wake up in bed with Bob Newhart," McCormack joked. "No, it will be a great ending. It will not be a wedding per se. But I think these characters deserve a little happiness. I do know [the ending]. And I can't tell you."

In the meantime, McCormack is putting together a movie he wrote a couple of years ago, called 'What You Wish For,' about that arrangement he says all married couples have that there is one celebrity they would allow each other to sleep with.

McCormack, however, says he doesn't have that deal with his wife.

"I can't say that to my wife that I would choose so-and-so because I would meet the person at an awards show or something. You know, so it's different for real people, for whom it will
probably never happen."

McCormack has also formed a production company for television, through NBC, and just this week sold a sitcom to NBC with his partner.

The final season of "Will & Grace" kicks off Thursday, Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

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