Governor Survives Bomb Attack

Diyala province's governor survived one of two homicide bombings (search) in Baqouba early Sunday that a hospital official said killed at least four people and injured 37.

The two explosions detonated about five minutes apart in a busy street as people were heading to work in downtown Baqouba (search), 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.

The first, a homicide car bomber, targeted the convoy of Diyala governor Raed Rashid Hamid al-Mullah Jawad (search), who eses later, a homicide bomber dressed as a police lieutenant blew himself up when a police major stopped him from entering a court building about 500 yards away, police Brig. Gen. Adil Mollan said.

Mollan said Maj. Imad Shakir Mahmoud, who blocked the bomber, was among three policemen killed in the blast. Another three police were injured.

Raed Abdul Munim, head of Baqouba General Hospital, said four people were killed in the blasts and 37 injured.

Ambulances rushed to the scene, where body parts, including a hand and foot, lay on the ground amid pools of blood and shards of glass.

About 20 minutes later, at least seven mortar rounds slammed into a downtown Baqouba residential area near Al-Rahma Hospital, badly damaging five homes and injuring three men and one woman, said Diyala police commander Brig. Adil Molan.

Those who fired the mortars were not found, Molan added.

Baqouba has suffered regular attacks, including multiple attacks on Iraqi government officials and security forces by insurgents determined to derail the war-ravaged country's reconstruction effort.