Gov. Sarah Palin's Current and Past Pastors 'On the Record'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, we're in Anchorage, Alaska, the home state of the governor who is on the Republican ticket. And moments ago, her pastor went "On the Record."


VAN SUSTEREN: How do you describe your (INAUDIBLE)? If someone says, you know, what -- what is your church?

LARRY KROON, WASILLA BIBLE CHURCH PASTOR: We're a community non- denominational church. In other words, it was just some people in the community back in the '70s who got together and said, Let's start a church. They were from a variety of backgrounds. And they'd been going about a year and they asked me to be their pastor, and I've been here for 30 years with them.

And it's really -- it's a non-denominational community church. We have five core commitments. The best way to think of it is we have five core commitments that kind of gathered (ph) around it. (INAUDIBLE) we keep them up there on the wall and (INAUDIBLE) And that's our drum beat. I mean, we actually -- they're not sound bites. That's what our heart's about. (INAUDIBLE) not trying to lead a parade. We're not trying to set a trend. We're just a group of people trying to live those.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you political?

KROON: You know what? And I'll put it this way. When our people come in, we basically -- we've said this. Leave your campaign buttons, banners and everything outside. This is the one place I want anybody, including public servants, to be able to come in and simply be who are they and worship.

VAN SUSTEREN: In terms of membership, obviously, Governor Palin and her family's a member.

KROON: They're attenders here, which is a pretty typical example in Alaska. They're attenders. But I've got -- they're not on the membership roll, and you know, a low percentage of our people are. That's very typical in an Alaskan church.

VAN SUSTEREN: What's it been like having the media spotlight on the church?

KROON: I don't relish it. But I don't (INAUDIBLE) You know what? You have a really crucial role in a democratic society. And you guys have a mission and a calling, and I want you to see -- I want you to just go for it. And I just really cherish the free press. And so if I'm going to say that, I've got to be willing to handle and respond when the press looks at me.

VAN SUSTEREN: One of the things that has caught attention is the prayer, the gay prayer -- I don't know if that -- explain that to me. Has that been taken out of context...


KROON: Number one, we're not doing -- I mean, we're not sponsoring that here. we're not running (ph) that here. I don't even know where that phrase comes from. I don't even know if it's -- I mean, Focus on the Family is the group sponsoring that seminar in Anchorage.

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KROON: Not us.


KROON: And they're in Anchorage and they're -- I mean, they're going to be in Anchorage. They're going to be sponsoring it. And if you look at their literature and stuff, I don't know that they even use that phrase.

VAN SUSTEREN: So the media has gotten this one wrong? As far as you know.

KROON: As far as I know. I don't know what -- I will say this. We did make -- we did let our people, in just a simple notice in the bulletin, that, yes, that seminar's going to be in Anchorage. And some of them may go, some of them may not go. I could give you a long explanation as to why, and that was my decision to put that in the bulletin, why I did it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why did you do it?

KROON: I don't know how much you can just do this, but I'll just -- I'll say it.


KROON: And this may take a long time. I mean, you can decide what to do with it.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right.

KROON: When the subject of homosexuality comes up, people that matter to me come to mind. And over the past year, I've had different people in our congregation speak of homosexuals in ways that I did not want to hear our people speak.


KROON: I would say not with understanding and without any sense of the dynamics of same-sex attraction and all those kinds of things. And I felt like there was (INAUDIBLE) understanding and I don't think there was appropriate use of terminology.

And this wasn't in the church, it was outside the church. Two individuals who are within the Christian faith, they wrestle with this same-sex attraction and their Christian communion. I mean, and these people were real. They were not a dog and pony show or something like that, that they've been called. I mean, these people were real. And I wanted my people, if at all possible, to hear somebody in their tone and their manner because I don't think the church has done a very good job of speaking of this issue in a gracious tone and manner.


VAN SUSTEREN: Now, that was the governor's current pastor. When we come back, you're going to hear from her prior pastor beginning about 2001 and going back, so don't go away. Her prior pastor coming up.


VAN SUSTEREN: Well, we're live in the magnificent state of Alaska, home of Governor Sarah Palin. And, of course, the nation has been fascinated by Governor Palin for the last 10 days since she went on the national radar.

And tonight you are going to hear from her former pastor. Let's listen.


VAN SUSTEREN: Why this particular church as opposed to any other church?

REVEREND ED KALNINS, WASILLA ASSEMBLY OF GOD: We're under the Assembly of God worldwide, it's international headquarters in Springfield. And that is the church I attended was the first assembly over in Phoenix, Arizona. And, I don't know, I just stuck with the "Assemblies of God," and that's where they started the program called "The Masters Commission," and I was in the very first group, very much in the first planning stages of that whole ministry that is now international.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is this a Pentecostal church?


VAN SUSTEREN: How do you define Pentecostal?

KALNINS: Pentecostal--well, Pentecostal is a baptism of the Holy Spirit. It's an experience for the life of a believer for those who want it.

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And so man has put at Pentecostal, and that's according to Acts, chapter two. And Acts, chapter two is the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out.

VAN SUSTEREN: You often hear about speaking in tongue--that is part of the Pentecostal?

KALNINS: That is, and also the fundamental face of the Assembly of God.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is that something you do?


VAN SUSTEREN: And most member of your parish here--

KALNINS: Close, but I don't know.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know Governor Palin?


VAN SUSTEREN: She was part of your church in what year?

KALNINS: She came here from, I mean, I came in 1999. She came here as a junior higher, as a junior high school student, and she attended here with her family on a regular basis up until 2002.

I arrived in 1999 and she attended here up to 2002, and then from there she went to another church. And there was really nothing of a strenuous thing, because we still maintain a good relationship with her and her husband and their children. My daughter plays soccer with hers.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why did she leave this church?

KALNINS: Back then we did not have a strong children's program, and I believe Pastor Kroon had a very strong children's program.

And, plus, I'm a two-hour service, my services are two hours, and we're very active in reaching the poor, feeding the poor, whatever the needs are out there.

And maybe that just fit her schedule on a better basis because her political career was taking off and her life was just going in a very busy direction.

And I believe Wasilla Bible, which is a very good church, just were able to mix with them a little bit more effectively.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about Pat, the first dude?

KALNINS: I think that he is like -- he's not a wimp. I tell that you. He is gentle, he's humble, he loves his wife and children. He's a world champion at snow machining for the Iditarod 400, the snow machine race.

VAN SUSTEREN: I suppose that you have seen that there is an article today about some of your teachings in which you say the last is the final, the refuge. Explain that to me.

KALNINS: Let me tell you something-


KALNINS: When I came to Alaska, you know, just the date and the timeline-the Aleutia chains crosses a timeline, and so the United States begins its day in Alaska and it ends its day in Alaska.

When I came here, what I mean by "refuge," certain gifting--not just one church, but I believe it's going to happen in several churches will start to arrive (INAUDIBLE)

I believe that there's going to be such healing, because the medical scientists are over their head now with certain diseases, and I believe that god heals through Jesus Christ.

VAN SUSTEREN: But in terms of Alaska, I'm trying to understand this-- the way that the article is portrayed is that this was the last of some very important point in terms of almost the end of time, almost?

KALNINS: I'm not going to say the "end of times." From Acts, chapter two, they've been calling that "the last days," from the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even Apostle Paul through the scriptures says We're living in the last days."

VAN SUSTEREN: But something is going to happen here?

KALNINS: No, no.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was it all taken out of context?

KALNINS: I did not read any articles yesterday or today. I just felt it in my heart to not do that but to simply separate myself.

But I believe that there is a special design that is particular to be like a refuge--it could be from natural gas or it could be from oil, or people sent out from Alaska to our nation.

Now, when I say the last times, yes, there is going to be the return of Jesus Christ, absolutely.


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