Good Things Can't Last Forever

Somewhere Usama bin Laden is laughing. Laughing at us. Laughing at how this great, united country isn't quite so united anymore.

I didn't expect the post September 11 glow to last forever, but I didn't think it would start dissolving so soon.

Democrats, who claimed to be in lockstep with the president on terror, now freely question the president on terror. Is he doing too much? Is he doing too little?

And now, reports ahead of time. Did he know too much? But do too little?

Usama must be loving this.

Assuming he's alive, and I very much think he is, he has to be thinking, "this is great. They're turning on themselves. They're turning on their leader."

Our enemies love to see us this way. Carping. Ripping. Condemning. Blasting. Second-guessing. And throughout — losing.

Losing sight of what's important: the terror out there, not the bureaucratic snafus here. Mistakes happened.

Oh, if only we all had 20-20 hindsight. We feared hijackings, but not these kind of hijackings. We feared bombs, but not box-cutters. We feared missiles, but not our own planes.

And now we're quite rightly kicking ourselves, but not rightly, dividing ourselves.

Instead of raising a fist, we're waving a finger. Rather than passing the torch, we're passing the buck. Good things can't last forever.

I knew that scene outside the steps of the capitol — Republicans and Democrats alike singing the same song — was a Kodak moment. Snap it and remember it. For soon, some in that picture, would forget it.

War is hell. Forgetting we're at war is even more so.

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