Good News, Literally

Good news gets buried. Sometimes you really have to dig to find it.

Take the economy: Nobody ever says anything about the economy unless it's bad. The economy is roaring along. New jobs numbers Friday and another round of this economy producing more jobs. It's no wonder people from all over the world want to come here.

Interest rates are up, but guess what? They're still low. You can buy a house. You can make a profit on your house. The real estate bubble didn't pop.

You know what else? New York City announced that there are, at this moment, fewer people on welfare in NYC than any time since Lyndon Johnson was president. He was last president in 1968. So we're soon going to be at a 40-year low for welfare recipients. That's good.

You know what else is good? ABC News released some pictures of anchorman Bob Woodruff. Woodruff was blown up by an IED while shooting a story in Iraq a few months ago. His cameraman was also hit, but not as bad. Woodruff took the brunt of the blast.

These new pictures released by ABC News show Woodruff looking good. And in the statement he released he says he's about to start outpatient rehab, and he's doing great.

For all the hollering that goes on about the mainstream media and if it is covering the war in Iraq right, Woodruff got out of his comfy anchor chair at ABC's "World News Tonight" and went to Iraq. He was hurt while covering the story of Iraqis taking over Iraq's security. So give Woodruff his props and congratulations to him and his family for what seems like a good recovery.

So there. Good news. It isn't all bad by a long shot. People have jobs, people are off welfare and the handsome young anchor is recovering from a terrible bombing that could have killed him.

Have a nice weekend.

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