Golf Channel Anchor Apologizes for 'Lynch' Remark About Tiger Woods

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A television anchor has apologized for comments she made during a telecast of the PGA Tour that called on young golf players to "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley."

Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman called her remarks, made during the PGA Tour's opening event, "poorly chosen words".

In a statement, Tilghman said: "On Friday during our golf broadcast, Nick Faldo and I were discussing Tiger's dominance in the golf world and I used some poorly chosen words. I have known Tiger for 12 years and I have apologized directly to him. I also apologize to our viewers who may have been offended by my comments."

Mark Steinberg, Woods' agent, told ESPN that the story is a "non-issue."

"Tiger and Kelly are friends and Tiger has a great deal of respect for Kelly," Steinberg said. "Regardless of the choice of words used we know unequivocally that there was no ill-intent in her comments. This story is a non-issue in our eyes. Case closed."

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Tilghman, co-lead announcer for the network's telecast of the Mercedes-Benz Championship, said she apologized directly to Tiger and the viewers.

"I apologize to our viewers who may have been offended by my comments," Tilghman said.

The Golf Channel also apologized to Tiger, calling the incident an "unfortunate choice of words."