Golf Cart Getaway

A Utah sheriff's office has found that it shouldn't underestimate the golf cart as a getaway car.

A suspect in a souped-up cart managed to elude officers who pursued him last month through an alfalfa field — but only for a while. He was arrested the next day at his grandmother's house.

Officers started pursuing the driver after he was spotted spinning out in a city park in Morgan. He took off into an alfalfa field and jumped irrigation ditches that the sheriff's cruisers couldn't cross.

Morgan County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Peay suspects the cart was fitted with a car engine instead of the original electric motor. (AP)

Deliciously Suspicious Package

A bomb squad was summoned to a western Ohio college campus over a suspicious package that turned out to pose a danger only to dieters.

The package with no label but odd markings was found Monday afternoon in the ministry center at Cedarville University, a Baptist school 20 miles east of Dayton.

The university staff member who discovered the item notified campus security officers. They moved the package to a parking lot near the school's golf driving range.

University spokesman John Davis says while the university waited for the Dayton police bomb squad to arrive, a group of students came forward to reveal the package contained only chocolates and was part of treasure-hunt game.

The school has turned the investigation over to local authorities. (AP)

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Beauty Shop Robbery's a Drag

If he was going to rob a beauty parlor, he was going to blend in.

Police picked up 42-year-old Frederic M. Koetter outside the Curl and Style beauty shop after receiving a call about a robbery in progress. Koetter — sporting a blonde wig, women's clothing and high heels — confessed to the crime after he was identified as the robber by witnesses.

Remarkably, Koetter has been dressed almost exactly like the shop owner, from the hairstyle to floral print clothing.

Koetter claimed the resemblence was nothing but a coincidence.

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Boxer Wraps Hands in Son's Used Diapers

Newly-crowned WBC champion Vitali Klitschko doesn’t pull any punches about the way he soothes his fists after a big fight.

The Ukrainian fighter, who won the title match Saturday after defeating Samuel Peter of Nigeria, admits that he wraps his hands with his 3-year-old son Max’s urine-infused diapers to reduce swelling. He says he got the idea from his grandmother.

"Baby wee is good because it's pure, doesn't contain toxins and doesn't smell," Klitschko told a German newspaper after Saturday’s bout.

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Doggone Charges

A Florida man was arrested at Tampa International Airport after officials there learned he had outstanding warrants for two charges: having a dog running at large and having no license for a dog.

Officials from Canada customs informed the airport about the warrants, and airport police say 64-year-old Robert Christianson was arrested Sunday afternoon when he got off a plane.

Christianson was later released on $326 bail. Both warrants were for misdemeanor charges. (AP)

Man Tries to Pay McDonald's Tab With Pot

A McDonald's cashier called 911 after a Vero Beach drive-thru customer allegedly offered to pay for his meal with marijuana. The Indian River County Sheriff's Office said the cashier called Monday with a description of the vehicle the suspect had been riding in.

A deputy spotted the vehicle, found marijuana in the car and arrested its occupant, 27-year-old Shawn Alexander Pannullo.

Pannullo was charged with possession of cannabis and posted $500 bail. It was unclear if he had an attorney.

A Sheriff's report did not say what the suspect ordered at McDonald's or if he ultimately purchased the meal using something other than marijuana. (AP)

A Gift Horse in the Eye

A miniature horse has been given a second chance for a career as a show horse — thanks to a prosthetic eye. The 65-pound horse, named KBuck, was born June 1 at Lil Chums Miniature Horse Farm in Lawton and lost its eye a few days after birth. Owner Kelsey Chumbley, 12, said she suspects the young horse was the victim of a swift kick from its mother.

"We thought he was going to end up being a backyard pet" instead of a show horse, Kelsey said. "When we found out he had a second chance I was really excited for him."

Veterinarian Jeff Hammond of Marlow tried in June to save the young horse's eye. When it became evident the surgery didn't work, Hammond suggested the cosmetic alternative.

KBuck's prosthetic eye was handcrafted by designers at La Fuente Ocular Prosthetics in Oklahoma City.

"Having one eye hasn't affected him a bit — he's a spitfire," Hammond said. (AP)

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Wyatt Earp Arrested in NYC

Not since the gunfight at the OK Corral has Wyatt Earp been so busy.

A New York City man with the same name as the famed western lawman was busted after leaving a path of destruction at his ex-wife's Staten Island home.

Earp was charged with burglary, contempt and criminal mischief, and ordered held on $25,000 bail.

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Rat Hunt Leads to School Lockdown

Police in North Carolina say a woman hunting rats on her property caused a scare at a neighboring public school. The Times-News of Hendersonville reported Friday that a bus driver saw the woman and officials thought she was an armed student on school property.

So they kept students and staff inside the Balfour Education Center for about an hour until police determined she wasn't a threat.

Authorities say the woman wasn't on school property, wasn't doing anything wrong and had a rifle to shoot rats. She wasn't identified.

Sheriff Rick Davis says a call to authorities about the woman was properly handled. (AP)

Skinny Dipping at the Imperial Palace

Police nabbed a Western man who went skinny dipping in a moat ringing the Imperial Palace in a busy Tokyo business district, attracting a huge crowd, officials said Tuesday.

The naked middle-aged man jumped into the moat, then threw rocks and splashed water at two policemen who chased him in a rowing boat, a Tokyo Metropolitan Police official said on condition of anonymity, citing protocol.

The police official did not know the man's name or nationality.

After an hour, the man got out of the water and climbed a stone wall only to fall into the hands of police officers who were waiting for him. The police official said the man was detained for questioning, but could not confirm if he was arrested or charged.

Broadcasters were careful to meet Japan's obscenity laws once he had climbed out of the water, masking images of his private parts with a blurry dot.

A palace official said the emperor was in the palace at the time of the incident, but it was unlikely he saw the nude swimmer. He also spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with palace policy. (AP)

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