Goldie Hawn Complains of Aspen-Area Paparazzi Invasion

Goldie Hawn says she can't go into Aspen from her nearby ranch because of aggressive paparazzi who pursue her car and stake out her home.

"They've come into our little town and they really have done their job: They've shooed us out," the 62-year-old actress told The Aspen Times in Thursday's editions.

Hawn and longtime companion Kurt Russell have been part-time Aspen-area residents for 25 years. In the past, she said, she could wander Aspen freely because the town attracted few celebrity photographers, and they were discreet.

"But it ain't like the old days anymore," said Hawn, who won a supporting actress Oscar for the 1969 film "Cactus Flower."

"You find yourself running and dodging and jumping in your car," she said. "I can't go into my own town. I hurt for my children. It's not fair."

She said the paparazzi also stalk her 28-year-old daughter, Kate Hudson, who has starred in the films "Almost Famous" and "You, Me and Dupree."

Hawn said she spoke with Mayor Mick Ireland, who suggested she turn the tables and begin taking photos of the paparazzi.

Ireland told the Times the paparazzi pursuit was "abusive" and "inconsiderate" but said there is little the town can do.

"Anything we would do would just make it worse," he said. An ordinance limiting paparazzi would run up against defenders of the First Amendment, he said.

Aspen was once considered a refuge for celebrities, Ireland said, but no more.

"There's no safe haven," he said.