Goldie Hawn, Benjamin Bratt and Black Hawk Down

Goldie Hawn, Benjamin Bratt and Black Hawk Down in the harsh glow of The Foxlight.

Goldie Hawn is urging Americans to cut out the gossip and speak more kindly of each other. Uh-oh, Foxlight could be out of business. She's helped start an anti-gossip campaign called Words Can Heal. She set an example when somebody asked what she thinks of Britney Spears' slinky looks and pumped up sexuality. Hawn paused before calling Spears "sort of the new challenge" for parents. Hawn also said she knows Spears, calling her a "darling girl."

Don't ask Benjamin Bratt about his ex, Julia Roberts. He just holds up his hand and says, "Don't go there." He told the Foxlight he has a new home in the San Francisco area and in New York. And no, Katie Couric, he hasn't been on Law & Order for two years. Katie made that gaffe the other day while talking to the hunky star about his new movie Pinero. Bratt plays a Latin beat performance artist who dies of a drug overdose.

And finally, it was supposed to be an Oscar contender. But Foxlight has seen Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down and while it has some outstanding cinematography, the 'based on a true event' story of soldiers trapped in Somalia in the early '90s plays like the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan for almost two and a half hours. Intense would be way too gentle a word.