Goat Breaks Into California Strip Club

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A 150-pound goat broke into a Coachella, Calif., gentlemen’s club over the weekend, KESQ.com reported.

"If I didn't see it myself on surveillance tape I wouldn't have believed it either," said Hank Piecura, an employee of Lynx Gentlemen’s Club.

Piecura said there was glass and blood splattered across the club’s floor.

He said the video showed the goat ramming its hind legs through the glass and then, once inside, the goat spent about half an hour dazed, gazing at itself in a mirror, KESQ.com reported.

A passer-by heard the glass be smashed and eventually chased the goat away, the Web site reported.

"I drove all over the area. Everybody around here said they don't have goats so it had to come from either on the other side of the freeway or it came out of some trailer over at the truck stop," said Piecura, KESQ.com reported.

"Tell you the truth I didn't know there was goats either. So what's next? Bulls? I don't know.”

The goat caused $2,000 in damage, KESQ.com reported.

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