Go Ahead Pierce Your Face, Idaho School Board Tells Students

It's official: Face piercing is just fine for students attending an alternative high school in the Magic Valley.

The Twin Falls School Board voted this week to modify the dress code to allow small face piercing for students at Magic Valley High School.

Board leaders say lips and noses adorned with posts and rings are just fine as long as they don't distract from the learning process. Trustees also say the change was a concession, intended more for the cause of education but not an endorsement of piercing.

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School District Spokeswoman Beth Pendergrass says small facial piercings are a minor issue when compared to ensuring students are educated and prepared for their futures.

Even so, school staff still has discretion to determine if a piercing is permissible.

Health experts say body piercing raises the risk for certain blood-transmitted infections such as hepatitis and HIV. People who have received a body piercing must wait one year before donating blood, according to U.S. guidelines.


Information from: The Times-News, http://www.magicvalley.com