'Glenn Beck': Radicals With Disturbing Agenda Against White People

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Well, obviously, you don't believe in killing white babies, right?

Not in that context. No, sir. No. No.

REPORTER: OK. In what context?

SHABAZZ: No context. Just for the sake of this interview, no, context, sir. I don't believe, there are too many other white forces out here that are much more powerful than the eyes of man would focus on. I wouldn't focus on the babies. I'd focus on the police.


This is the New Black Panther leader, Malik Shabazz, attempting to explain King Shamir's comments that black people should kill all white people and their cracker babies.

He just said, for this sake of this interview, no, it's not OK to kill babies. Very clever of Mr. Shabazz, but I — I mean, I think that legal tiptoeing — well, it's probably enough for Eric Holder but not enough for most human beings.

But did you notice a more important target? And it was the cops. Some will say that this is just a crazy guy. He's just a Black Panther. They're irrelevant.

Well, no more irrelevant than Mel Gibson. I wish they were right. But this thought that the police are white and the man are the oppressor is hardly unique to the Panthers or to African-Americans. It's from all walks of life.

Let me start with Van Jones. He expressed his views on the police when he said, quote, "Most of the people who die in police custody do not die from drugs or some mysterious syndrome but from police abuse." This is a guy who is an activist, who started Bay Area Police Watch.

What is Bay Area Police Watch? They're supporters of the cold-blooded cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, who shot a cop point-blank. By the way, Mumia Abu-Jamal — radically anti-American and a communist.

Then there is Jeff Jones. This guy is actually working with the New York state government trying to figure out how to spend your tax dollars with the Apollo Alliance. He was also a founding member of the Weather Underground.

He offered this viewpoint on cops: "The point of action was that if they're going to continue to attack the Vietnamese and to kill the Black Panthers, then we as young white people are going to attack them behind the lines. That's why we smashed up people's private property and fought the cops."

Bill Ayers, who saw no remorse for his actions — and remember actions speak louder than words — the Weather Underground bombed New York City police headquarters in '70, U.S. Capitol building in '71, the Pentagon in '72, police cars in May of 1973.

And in '74, the Weather Underground wrote about what needed to be done, quote, "We have an urgent responsibility to destroy imperialism from within in order to help free the world and ourselves from its grasp.
Without underestimating the difficulties, this is our position of strength. We all will use the weapons available to us."

Then I want to show you this clip. I don't think you've seen this anyplace but on this program or on FOX. It is a guy who attended one of the last Weather Underground meetings. This is not ancient history. However, this is from an old documentary.

He was sitting there. This is the Bill Ayers, who is connected to the president and many of the president's allies. They talked about some shocking things in that last meeting. Listen.


And the question that was debated was: was it, was it — was it or was it not the duty of every good revolutionary to kill all newborn white babies?


BECK: White people, you see, are the oppressor. It doesn't have to be the Black Panthers. It is the 1960s radicals. Even if they're babies, they must be killed.

OK. So now you have the Black Panthers wanting to kill cracker babies, the Weather Underground saying kill all white babies before they grow up to be oppressors, and then you have this, from the former Black Panther leader — the guy that was the last leader before Shabazz — I don't remember his first name.

This guy's name is Khalid Muhammad. He's dead. He died in 2001. But before he did, he said this:


I say if they don't get out of town, we kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the crippled, we kill the crazy, we kill the (EXPLETIVE DELETED), we kill the lesbians. I say (EXPLETIVE DELETED) we kill them all!


He gave a speech later in 1997 or '98, I think, in San Francisco or Oakland. We're currently looking for any audio or video if you happen to have some. Or if you know any connection to the radicals in San Francisco, please let us know.

Now, he went on in this videotape and we'll show you more tomorrow, it is shocking, "Kill them all." "Moms," he says, "are the military industrial complex." They're making the new oppressors. So, you have to kill the babies before they grow up to be the oppressor and you have to kill the white mothers because they're making those oppressors.

Now, this apparently is the mindset that our DOJ apparently doesn't mind, doesn't see this as hatred, doesn't see it like we need to pursue this at all.

Tomorrow on this program, I'm going to lay out where this comes from. And I ask you to alert your friends because it is terrifying when you truly understand it.

We have the DOJ now clearing a path for radicals. How about a wink and a nod? You go ahead and take care of business. We're going to look the other way.

If these were white people saying this, and some of them are, the Weather Underground are — they should be prosecuted. They should be watch. They should at least be out of the halls of government.

Our DOJ is winking and saying, "Don't worry, we're not going to persecute," while they're tying the hands of our cops.

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