Giving Thanks for All of the Good in the War on Terror

For all the problems that occur, all the righteous criticisms that can be fired at the American government when it tries to do something big (like a war on terror), we should give thanks for what has gone well. Or even if it went badly, for what has had a good result.

The post-war in Iraq hasn't gone really well, but it has had a good result. We are fighting terrorism in the streets of Baghdad (search) instead of the streets of New York...

Terror sympathizers celebrated the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in Britain last year. They have since been abandoned, and have either gone underground or home to hang out with other 10th century Jihadis (search).

Are we somehow encouraging terrorists — a small and smaller number — to dedicate themselves to death, trying to kill us? Sure, but it would have been that way anyway.

Do we have people all over the world mad at us? Sure. They don't have the old Soviets to be mad at, so it's got to be us.

Are we going to have to go ahead and do things we know are right and not worry too much about the people who are outraged? I'm afraid so.

The events of Sept. 11, 2001 are and should be a constant reminder that the people who hate us don't have to seethe quietly in their caves and mud huts. They came at us then, and they will try it again.

The secret is... get them first, and keep 'em busy elsewhere.

That's My Word.

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