Rudy Giuliani's law partner has been tasked with making sure the troubles of the former New York City mayor's ex-police commissioner and friend, Bernard Kerik, don't come back to bite the Republican presidential frontrunner.

Marc Mukasey, the son of attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey, is on the job of creating distance between the two men who once were inseparable, The New York Post reports in Monday's edition.

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The Post reports that Mukasey has thwarted Kerik's lawyer from interviewing witnesses who might help his defense and is closely monitoring the legal case wending its way through the judicial process.

Mukasey's role in monitoring the Kerik case is "obviously trying to distance Giuliani from all [the allegations about Kerik], although obviously it all occurred on Giuliani's watch," a source familiar with the case told the newspaper.

"Once there was this sense [in the Giuliani camp] of 'Bernie's a great guy,' even after he became embroiled in scandal," a source said. "Now, Mukasey's taking a different approach with him."

Kerik, 52, pled guilty last year to two misdemeanor charges in connection with receiving payments from a company that also allegedly provided free renovations to Kerik's Bronx apartment.

His reportedly is facing new federal charges, possibly including bribery, tax evasion and obstruction of justice. That's on top of tax-related charges that Kerik's lawyers are consulting with Justice Department officials about how to get reduced from criminal filings to civil fines. Last spring Kerik refused to take a plea deal in the case.

Giuliani has tried to distance himself from his former corrections chief and police commissioner, telling FOX News last month, "Bernie was a mistake."

Sources said Kerik's attorney Kenneth Breen was to meet Monday with Manhattan federal prosecutors and on Oct. 29 with Justice Department officials to convince them not to charge Kerik.

Among the witnesses Kerik's lawyer is trying to reach is Chris Rising, a former police inspector who was Kerik's special adviser and counsel when the two men worked at the New York City Police Department, sources told The Post.