Gisele Bundchen Doesn't Want to Be Paid in Dollars

Gisele Bundchen wants to make a lot of money — just not in dollars.

The supermodel is insisting that she be paid in almost any currency but the U.S. dollar, Bloomberg reports.

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Like billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Bill Gross, the Brazilian supermodel, who Forbes magazine says earns more than anyone in her industry, is at the top of a growing list of wealthy people who have concluded that the currency can only depreciate because Americans are living beyond their means.

Even after the dollar lost 34 percent since 2001, the biggest investors and most accurate forecasters say it will weaken further as home sales fall and the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates.

The dollar plummeted to its lowest ever last week against the euro, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan and the cheapest in 26 years against the British pound.