Girl, 6, Back Home After Having Half Her Brain Removed

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A 6-year-old Texas girl is back at home after having half her brain removed in June, reported.

Jessie Hall, of Aledo, Texas, has Rasmussen’s encephalitis, a rare illness that eats away at the brain and causes seizures and reduced mobility.

She left Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where she had been recovering since late July, on Thursday and spent her first night at home, according to the report.

The disease caused Jessie to suffer uncontrollable seizures and lose the use of her left arm.

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Doctors removed the right-side of her brain at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore on June 11. The hospital does about a dozen of these surgeries each year.

Her rehabilitation focused on training the left half of her brain to take over the functions once controlled by the right side, reported.

Some paralysis and other side effects are expected from the surgery, but doctors believe it was Jessie's only hope for survival.

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