Getting Something Out of Nothing

It was just a snapshot in time: weird day, one day, last week.

Paris Hilton was briefly out of jail and investors were not so briefly out of sorts.

The market was tanking, oil prices were jumping.

Vladimir Putin was threatening. President Bush was cajoling.

And two little boys... were playing — just playing — and demanding this day as I arrive home, that I take off my ridiculous suit and play too.

One had an imaginary store he wanted to show me, complete with grocery bags for collecting goods he had gathered from around the house.

His younger brother relegated to playing the grocery bagger.

Their toy register, which I always knew would be a fun gift and a great way to learn about money, was ringing.

They were laughing. And I? Well, I was just sort of stopping… everything.

Because my sons didn't ask about Paris, or the markets. They couldn't care less about Putin or the president. They were just playing and they wanted me to play too.

They asked not for my insights into the markets. But whether I would help them bag the vegetables I'm sure their mom had to be desperately looking for.

In a day filled with meetings and chats with movers and shakers, leave it to my sons to shake me to my senses. And help me realize that some days can be really something, when you're doing nothing at all.

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