Getting Our Priorities Straight

I feel safer now: Martha Stewart (search) has to keep her ankle bracelet on another few weeks.

That'll show her!

I guess we're all better off knowing that bracelet isn't coming off so soon. But not a word about all those sex offenders out there whose whereabouts none of us knows.

Where are their ankle bracelets? Where's the fuss over their comings and goings?

No, Martha takes a four-wheeler out of her house and authorities clamp down to make sure she stays "in" her house.

I just find it amazing we spend so much time focusing on Martha petting her horses' heads that we fail to see the people policing her are horses' asses.

Perhaps I'm being too tough. These guys are doing their job, but in a system that cares more about making a point against a domestic diva than tracking domestic deviants.

So they run free, while O.J. plays golf, while Martha stays inside.

Justice — like dinner — served. Now, excuse me if I vomit.

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