German Authorities to Investigate Munich Airport Breach

German authorities were searching Thursday for a roughly 50-year-old man who left a screening area with his laptop after it had triggered an alert for possible explosives.

The security employee at Munich Airport who had ordered the check on the man's laptop — then lost track of him after he had passed through the scanner — was suspended on Thursday, Christoph Hillenbrand, the president of Upper Bavaria told reporters.

"She should not have let him out of her sight," Hillenbrand said.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon, forcing part of the airport's Terminal 2 to be closed for several hours and hundreds of people to evacuate.

German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere has promised to launch a thorough investigation, and to determine whether security measures at Munich Airport were sufficient.

Wednesday's incident appeared to have been a false alarm, triggered by a passenger in a hurry to catch his plane who was unaware of what had happened.

Prosecutors in Landshut have launched a preliminary investigation into the incident, and are searching for the man whom they have identified from security camera images, spokesman Ralph Reiter was quoted by DAPD news agency as saying. German privacy laws prevent them from releasing those pictures, Reiter said.