Georgia Woman Caught in Tornado Lives to Tell About It

A Georgia woman is counting her blessings and feeling a bit like Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" after surviving a tornado last month.

Linda Bryant was caught in a tornado that touched down in Carroll County, Ga., on Feb. 26, reports.

"Well, I was in it," she told the station. "I was totally in that funnel."

Bryant recalls being swept up in the tornado.

"It was just going around and around just like this," she told, making circular gestures. "And it wasn't nothing but just black dirt and you couldn't touch it ... I was down just like this and my feet weren't touching nothing either."

Bryant landed 20 feet from where her home of 46 years once stood. All that remained was an angel pin from her jewelry box, the station said.

She feels lucky she escaped with only punctured lungs, two broken ribs, and severe cuts to her legs. A hospital worker gave her a red slipper as a get-well gift.

"I think it's the prayer of the good lord cause if he wanted to take me home, he would have done it," she said.

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