Georgia Rep. Norwood to Receive Hospice Care for Cancer

Rep. Charlie Norwood is leaving Washington to receive hospice care at home in Georgia, forgoing further treatment for lung cancer that has spread to his liver.

Norwood's spokesman, John Stone, said Wednesday that the seven-term Republican is not yet resigning from Congress but has decided to go home to Augusta, Ga., to be with his family and "let the Lord decide what to do."

"He said, 'Let me go back home, stop all the treatments and just see how I can do there,"' Stone said.

Norwood, 65, received a lung transplant in 2004. He suffers from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic lung disease.

Last year, doctors discovered a small cancerous tumor on his non-transplanted lung. They removed the cancer with surgery but then discovered more on his liver when Norwood returned to Washington after the November elections.

In a press release, Stone said Norwood would leave Washington as soon as an air ambulance flight could be arranged and would receive 24-hour nursing care at home. The family requested continued prayers from supporters.