Georgia Investigators Search for Body Parts After Dog Finds Human Foot

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Investigators were still searching Wednesday for body parts of a slain woman whose dismembered body was discovered after a dog took a severed human foot back to his yard.

"We are still looking for the rest of the remains," said Newton County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Bill Watterson.

"We are up to about 50 percent," he said. "We are doing a grid search looking for parts we do not have."

The woman whose dog brought home the severed foot Tuesday thought at first it was an early Halloween prank.

"Her dog had it and she didn't know if it was fake or if it was real," Watterson said. "The dog had it out by the house."

The foot was found in a heavily wooded, sparsely populated portion of Newton County off of Georgia Highway 212. Teams of investigators later Tuesday found half of the body of a woman.

Watterson said there have been no missing person reports fitting the woman's description.